Kids Club Program at Public Schools

Weekly Food Care packages are given to children and their families in need. The schools we choose leverage our support by having their own supportive programs for these same children. We currently support Sterling Park Elementary School.

Kids Club Food Pantry Support

Monthly deliveries are made to support existing Food Pantry Programs at public schools. The schools identify the children in need and determine how the children and families are given the food. We currently support the program at Lake Brantley High School.

Kids Club Mobile Program

Our current core Kids Club Program targets the motels where hundreds of impoverished families are forced to live due to limited housing and, often, transportation options. Unlike the many successful in-school programs we have conducted, the Mobile Program enables us to get to know the WHOLE family, which greatly enhances our ability to identify and understand their key needs. We are then better able to provide as-needed family one-on-one support. Our Mobile Team’s success is driven by a volunteer team of nearly 100 dedicated individuals committed to making a difference in the impoverished/homeless community, which sadly continues to grow right in our own backyards.  

This wonderful program provides the children with hours of fun, support and activities. The program strives to provide uplifting mentoring, family food care packages, literacy support in the form of books for both the children and their parents, toiletries, and fun activities such as handmade crafts and interactive games. We also regularly provide hot meals, often made or provided by our volunteers, for the entire family or a fun snack for the kids.  

We are especially proud of our 2017 Thanksgiving Buffett where we served more than 140 individuals a hot home-cooked meal and also our upcoming Holiday Relief event that will bring Santa, presents such as new pajamas and blankets, crafts, photo booth with props and cookie decorating to the families living in motels.